In the evening of the 1st of March, the Farkas family visited KUBIK. After the screening we all had a chance to meet the creators, Szabolcs Hajdú and his family.  Despite the fact that their creation has been played at ‘home cinemas’ over 70 times, they answered our questions with the same vigor and enthusiasm as they did on their first public meeting.

The plot is very simple: Four parents, two children, one apartment, two days and fierce conflicts among the actors.

Where does the wonderfully immersive atmosphere come from? – we asked. And we got the answer: the two times Crystal Globe winner film was made for the family’s own pleasure on a small budget and the help of friends and the director’s students. It was filmed in their own home using phrases and situations from their ordinary lives. This is the reason why the success in Karlovy Vary was only their own.

Next to the unexpected success and numerous awards another extremely important phenomenon resulted from the birth of the film: the ‘home cinemas’. Szabolcs Hajdú and his wife Orsolya Török-Illyés came up with this idea only to share their creation with their friends.

We would like to thank the Hajdú family for spending this night with us and answering all of our questions.