KUBIK’s latest pop up exhibition – ‘Here We Are’ – opened on the 24th February 2017, organized by műtárgy.com. This time, the KUBIK basement served as a home for Random Group’s exhibition opening.

Random Group is a contemporary photography organization, which provides opportunity for contact, introduction and activity. Their mission is to support the work and professional development of artists, their local and foreign progression. Random Group aims to assist integration into the cultural life and aids introduction of photographers’ and artists’ works to the local and foreign public.

The list of the exhibiting artists:

Máté Diósi Alexandra Emese Lázár Kaulics Viola Bea Kolozsi László Mészáros Szilvia Mucsy Róbert Nunkovics Pataki Vukov Ágnes András Polgár Gabor Sioreti Kata Somogyvari Sprenc Balazs Szami Art Adam Urban Vedres Ági Birkás Mona

The exhibition is on view until 5th May 2017.

Thank you all for attending the event.