David Losada got to be the employee of the April month. Congratulation! :)

Can you tell a few words about yourself? Where were you born, where were you raised, what schools did you attend and what is your profession now?

I was born in Reus, Spain. That’s in Catalonia, and there’s a 50% chance that Gaudí was also born in that city.

My family’s home is not far away, in Vila-seca, and that’s where I was raised and went to school. Many people will have heard or visited the Port Aventura leisure park, which is between Vila-seca and Salou, and it’s in Salou where I attended high school. I went to the university also not far away, in Tarragona, where I obtained a masters degree in computer engineering.

Currently I am an IT consultant for hire in the global market, I specialise in cloud infrastructure operations. And I love to do my job being based off Kubik!

What brought you to Budapest? Love or job?

Between the two, I’ll choose love, but maybe not the kind that you are thinking of :)

My love is for the city. I loved it when I visited as a tourist a couple times in the past. I kept remembering the river, the elders playing chess in the baths, the overall coziness and other quirky stuff that made me smile.

Then, a few years ago, I needed a new place to stay and recover after a time of struggle abroad. Budapest sounded just great. I found a student accommodation and I packed my bags. Now I’m glad that I made that decision.

Why did you remain here? 

I think this is one of the places where I have been the happiest. I love to just take walks around the city. Around me, there’s always more to do around and look at that I can possibly dream of.

There’s also a lot of apparently trivial but valuable to me things, like the random interactions I’ve had with Hungarian people. People here can be very kind. It’s really not something you get in many countries, even those that are labelled as having “higher standards”

Oh and I have started to put more effort in learning Hungarian language, so I may not be able to leave until I have mastered it ;)

Have you always worked as a freelancer or did you have a “standard” workplace, too? 

I worked a fair amount of time in the university where I studied, so I know the life as an employee. I can’t say that I miss that life much, though.

I do miss my ex-coworkers and the fun stuff we did, while *not* working :) I had some great bosses, but I don’t miss the ones that were too self-important. I don’t miss workplace politics either.

What do you like in this life-style? 

I like how being a freelancer removes a lot of the limits in your personal career, and puts you in the “director seat” every day. Because of that, each day is a bit of an adventure, and I like that.

I also enjoy very much the freedom of schedule and the possibility to work with several groups of people at the same time

For how long have you been working at the KUBIK? 

I’m bad at keeping count, but I was in Kubik already for the first anniversary. So it’s coming close to 4 years already!

We have become 4 years old…. What did you receive from KUBIK in the past 4 years?

Oh the list is endless, but I’ll try my best.

First of all, great staff that deserve huge praise for their work every day.

Also, a lot of great parties every year for anniversaries, Christmas and sometimes… just for the heck of it!

I also highly value the organised activities organised in Kubik that I have been able to attend to, I have fond memories of our sailing and yoga days.

How not to mention the nice co-workers with whom we have built an atmosphere where we can all work and get along with each other?

I should also bring up the quality of the working space itself and the availability to access 24/7 , that’s really helpful for someone with my scope of work.

Finally, I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting a few pretty charismatic Kubik-dogs !

What is your favourite Hungarian dish?

There are a lot of tasty Hungarian dishes that I enjoy, but I find most to be best reserved to “big meal” occasions. A tasty everyday dish that I just love is Lecsó