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For whom is KUBIK Coworking an ideal choice?


If you are working as a lone wolf, in KUBIK you will find some company. There is always someone to have lunch with or to share the successes and the disappointments. At KUBIK, you may also find partners and new customers. You can improve your knowledge at our professional events and while you are having fun you can also do networking on our members’ breakfasts and evening parties.

I am a freelancer, working as a design-office furniture sales. KUBIK is perfect for me in every aspect. It’s few steps away from my flat. The environment is really pleasant with a great infrastructure. After my first visit and the trial day I was sure that the atmosphere will inspire me and I can get my work done peacefully and very effectively. The girls are really nice at the reception and there is a great company here.



Start ups

KUBIK is an ideal choice if you have just established your company and are looking for a prestigious, modern environment which gives room for your company’s growth without any commitments. Your business will also be supported by our services and our international partners.

I started with a flexible-desk membership in the open-space area. After a while, I started to cooperate with other KUBIK members and we joined our forces to do business together. Now, we are in a separate office as a company. I think this is a perfect example, that describes the essence of a coworking office. We love the social events here and of course the annual KUBIK sailing day.


project manager, Look & Feel

Small teams


If you are working on a project together and would like to have an office, KUBIK offers you desks, offices, meeting rooms with flexible conditions and modern IT infrastructure.

We develop an innovative application, that hopefully, soon will be used all around the world. We have a team of 2 to 3 members but from time to time, depending on the tasks, we work with other developers, marketing specialists, UX designers, researchers or even with journalists. Thanks to KUBIK’s flexible membership schemes, it’s never an issue, whether we are 6 people working during a week and next week only 3.


co-founder, Candy

Nonprofit organizations

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness is an important factor in the nonprofit sector as well.  KUBIK is an ideal choice for organizations having smaller budget, because in a coworking office you pay for as many desks as you actually use per month. Furthermore, we offer discounted access to the meeting rooms, precisely to meet your demand.

KUBIK has a great location, it’s easy to access even for our partners. The divers allocation offers various opportunities to work separately in small groups, or even to rehearse. We have enough space in the rentable cabinets and small storage rooms to store the most important documents and even the theater’s archive. Thanks to the discounted memberships, KUBIK is a real cost-efficient office solution for us.


manager, Proton Színház


This is the place for you, if you are working for a multinational firm but you are lucky enough that you don’t need to sit in the office every day, but you also can not work from home or from a noisy coffee shop. KUBIK is ideal for meetings and project works which should be held outside of the firm and it’s also the best choice when bigger space is necessary due to the increased number of staff.

My employer really supports remote working. The hq of our company is far away, on the other side of the city, but luckily they bought some memberships at KUBIK, which are shared between the employees who live downtown. By having this opportunity, I can save so much time and I also work in an inspiring and fun environment.


marketing assistant, international telecommunication company


You are also at the right place if you are on a business trip in Budapest or as a digital nomad looking for an alternative of the expensive and unfriendly workspaces provided by your hotel.

Nowadays, I am living as a nomad and travel all around the world. Budapest is my location for the next few months. I’ve been working in several coworking offices in the past. KUBIK has the perfect location, reasonable prices and above all the perfect equipment and atmosphere which is necessary for effective work. I even have a view to the Danube. The team is incredibly nice and helpful. It’s an office, I gladly recommend to anybody.


online marketing specialist,