Terms of use

The content provider of the site

The content provider of the website kubik.hu is KUBIK coworking Kft. (registered seat: 1137 Budapest, Jászai Mari tér 5-6.; registered by the Metropolitan Court of Registration under company registration number: 01-09-976421; VAT number: 12898363-2-41). Should you have any questions regarding this site or any of its content please feel free to contact us.

Copyright and other rights

Kubik.hu including all its content are under copyright and individual database protection.

KUBIK coworking Kft. and the authors of posts hereby give license to use the posts displayed on kubik.hu to the following extent: You are entitled to replicate, distribute and transmit the posts published on the website to the public, and especially to adopt the content and refer to it via a link, provided that you always refer to the author and the source of the content (which is kubik.hu).

The licence to use is free, indefinite, worldwide, non-exclusive and transferable.

The licence to use shall not include the alteration of the content. If you intend to adopt the content by modifying it (either by deleting certain part(s) of the content or by structural changes), you need the prior and express permission of either the post’s author and / or KUBIK coworking Kft. In such case please contact us before using the content. In accordance with that, the licence to use covers only the use of the content of the individual posts, and the use of kubik.hu is not permitted – together with the full or significant portions of the available content displayed on kubik.hu, mainly for copying (replicating through copying), and/or transmitting (making the content available for the public or transmitting it). For the avoidance of any doubt, it is to emphasize that mirroring kubik.hu or using the full or significant portion of the content is considered as an unauthorized use. Using a post in a way that the author and the source cannot or cannot properly be identified is also considered as an unauthorized use. If you wish to use the content of the site for commercial purposes or for any other mean aiming direct financial gain (especially by creating a database available for paying users only by using the site’s content), please contact us before proceeding, because such use is not considered to be included in the licence to use. Other matters regarding the use of the site’s content shall be regulated by the Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyrights.

Limitation of liability

The primary purpose of the content displayed on kubik.hu is to provide information. We are doing our best endeavours to make sure that the displayed information is accurate and credible. However, it is to emphasize that you should not rely on such information and you shall not use it as a basis of any right or claim under any circumstances. We shall not be liable for any damages incurred in relation to the use of the information displayed on the website (irrespective whether authorized or unauthorized).

Information available at kubik.hu does not constitute a public proposal.

Any and all liability is excluded relating to the content which is displayed on kubik.hu and is available or is downloaded via following external links as such is considered to be a content provided by third-parties.

Amendment of the terms of use

These terms of use are regularly reviewed. Should the terms of use be amended, the new, amended terms of use will be made available at kubik.hu. We recommend reviewing the present terms of use from time to time in order to stay updated on every fact and information.