The most popular island of Indonesia is the exotic Bali.

On last Thursday, the professional photographer, Gergely Jancsó, shared his experiences and adventures with us, while travelling across the mysterious island of Bali. We also got to know about the most beautiful regions and the most popular tourist spots of the island from Attila Kovács, the editor of the travel magazine,

Attila Kovács, who is responsible for the page’s content, informs us why is it beneficial to look up their page before discovering domestic landscapes and foreign countries. Since 2003, he’s been leading several tours a year in Hungary and all around the world as well. He presents these destinations through his own experiences in the context of a immersive virtual journey.

Gergely Jancsó is a photographer located in Budapest, who provides comprehensive photographic services, such as interior and exterior photography and creation of virtual tours. His customers are mainly hotels and real-estate agencies where the visual appearance is very significant. After his graduation, he immediately signed a contract with the Castillo Beach Resort, located in the Canary Islands. The beauty of the landscape, the constant sunshine and challenges inspired him as a photographer, while working at the beach. His aim is to create something memorable and unique on a highly professional level for the customers whose visual appearance is very significant.

In October 2016, he started his own youtube channel, where he shares the adventures of Bali, Bangkok and Singapore. He is also vlogging about photography in a really understandable and entertaining way.

We thank you both for the amazing night!