Within the framework of Design Week Budapest, during this interactive Demo Day you may get to know the Career Design team better and have a glimpse into their programs, creative techniques and methods, which you can use to redesign your career path. If you are a creative or you have just finished university or you are planning on starting your own business and you are full of questions, then you must be here to get them answered. During a demo you can gain an insight into those processes, which may help you to build a strong brand, may teach you how to present yourself and your ideas, may help you to learn how to create an effective presentation and may give you ideas about strong visual communication and corporate identity. During the event we also introduce brands, which have built themselves very consciously and became successful.
  • Creative career design (strengths, motivations, goals, obstacles, plans)
  • Self-brand and Storytelling (CV, effective presentation, storytelling, self-brand design)
  • Brand Styling (brand building and PR)

Participation is free but registration required.

Registration: events@kubik.hu Subject: “Élmény Nap”