We are proud to announce Csongor Gergő Horváth as the new artist presented in KUBIK. The vernissage will take place at KUBIK coworking office on 29 April (Tuesday) at 7.00 pm.

The exhibition:
“Lost kids of 80’s”

“This series is about the generation of the 80’s when I also was born and tries to answer the questions how this generation is able to adopt to or even form the constantly accelerating world.” – Csongor Gergő Horváth comments the exhibition.

The artist:
In the focus of his works is mostly the “character”, who is shown in his own very close environment. His pictures can be almost interpreted as documentaries and are acquainted by light sarcasm and humour giving therefore, an ambivalent feeling.

Main exhibitions:

2012 Puskin Kávéház, Astoria, Budapest – “Startoon 2.”

2011 OTP Bank, Budapest, Deák téri bankfiók, “Klikkelj a kortársra”- közönségdíj

2011 Innoshop, Budapest – Art Moments by Hybridart tavaszi tárlat – “Startoon”

2011 B55 Galéria, Budapest – Street Art

2010 Pintér Antik Galéria, Budapest

2009 Fiatal Kortárs Állásfoglalások Projekt 2010, Zsolnay Gyár, Pécs

2007 B55 Galéria, Budapest “I. Tavaszi tárlat”

2007 ACB Galéria, Budapest – “Pop, tárgyak, satöbbi”

2006 Tripla Kávézó (Extra), Budapest

2005 Akademie Der Bildende Künste, Nürnberg – Erasmus kiállítás