The KUBIK Coworking office puts a great emphasis on the organization of its community, on the recruitment of various specialists and on brand building. Our office created a project with its co-operating partners, which brings the specialists of the business life and the specialists of design closer to one another. During these weekly events respected people talk about their work and about their journey from the beginning until the success. They inspire this professional community with practical examples and lectures.

Further information:

The purpose of the first event, on the 27 September at 18:00, is to talk with our 3 guests about the beginning of their journey; about the way they built their brands, the hardships and successes.

Our guests:

One winner will be drawn from those who participate this first event to get a KURZUS pass for the following events.

After the roundtable discussion, we invite everyone to stay and have a glass of wine with us.

Participation is free but registration required

Registration: Subject: “Co-Spiration”