We invite you all to KUBIK’s next Women in Business event, which is organized within the framework of Design Week Budapest 2016. During the roundtable discussion, we will be talking about the importance of design in the life of a successful business, with the managers of 3 creative, Hungarian businesses.
Our guests: Házikó, Paperspokes, The-Object
Leader of the conversation: Korn Anita
At Házikó the team is there so we can get hold of foods made of pure ingredients, plus we can pocket a rural development concept in a tastily satisfying and easy-to-follow way. In their downtown workshop, they steam, roll, preserve, bake, package and deliver the tasty, seasonal ingredients of the countryside. The place of origin of all ingredients of their products are indicated on the biodegradable, recycled packaging so we will know what we are eating and we can even look up the farms personally. When choosing Házikó, we do not only eat fresh, preservative-free and exceptionally fine food but we also support the rural development concept with our decision.
Further information: http://haziko.farm
Three young, Hungarian designers reconsidered the bicycle transport and came up with a quite unique concept under the name PaperSpokes. Instead of the traditional bicycle baskets they created a stylish, timeless and practical piece.They are designed to be stylish and ideal for anything you choose to carry with them. You can rearrange the specially made shock cords and fasten any objects into the crate, or on the outside surface of it. Because of the cords, it is safe to transport anything you need whether you are coming from the market or you are on the way to work with your laptop and coffee. Style and functionality in one handcrafted basket. The crates of PaperSpokes are eco friendly, handcrafted from locally sourced ash wood and resistant to all kinds of weather so you can use them all year long.
Further information: http://paperspokes.com
The-Object is the creation of a interior stylist, Kinga Gál. Since she was a child, she’s been passionate about art and design. Her adoration for furniture started as a hobby, throughout the years this hobby developed into a profession. She has always considered challenging working with and redesigning old furniture and turning them into a piece, which fits the modern environment. It is important for her to keep the original design, condition and style of the pieces. During her buyer adventures, she intends to find the unique and original in every old furniture. This is what leads her during the renovation, and this is the ideology she follows when she does her interior-styling projects.